Top 5: Las famosas con los mejores labios del mundo

Top 5: Las famosas con los mejores labios del mundo

– Scarlet Johansson

Actriz estadounidense, conocida como ‘Viuda Negra’, en las películas de superhéroes de Marvel Comics. Rubia, pelinegra o pelirroja se ve queridísima. Pero sus labios llaman mucho la atención. Definitivamente es una belleza de mujer.

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‼️ GIVEAWAY WINNERS ‼️ Sorry for the delay! I had a concert last night (shook from Halsey, Dua Lipa & Bazzi etc. in 1 night), I burned my arm in fire like 2 hours ago, and I'm preparing to travel to Pennsylvania on Friday… #forgiveme THANK YOU to everyone who entered, it was such hard picks! 😫 But I read every single entry and I could tell that you guys would all be able to make Scarlett's heart melt. 💕 • @anabella.palmer When I was reading your entry, I kept saying "Same. Same. YES. I relate" 😂 I love how you were able to cope with self-love; being comfortable in your own skin. You also seem to really understand Scarlett's passion from acting to music and for this, I'd LOVE to give you the Apart bundle… (Once it comes in…) Yours will be a bit delayed since I haven't even received mine yet! It should arrive in July but either way, you're getting a CD and autographs from Scarlett & Pete! • @sxndrineee You gave me the longest message, but it wasn't just you "rambling". You started from the beginning and every reason you gave had so much meaning. I enjoyed your little stories and visual aid you sent with it! Because you're such a sweet, dedicated Scarlett fan and are all the way in the Philippines, I am giving you access to my online video archive! ❤ Keep a look out in your DMs, I need to discuss things with you. • @insanityfandoms I wanna thank you for getting so personal in your message. I love that Scarlett inspires you in many ways. I'm treating you to a movie & popcorn with a limited edition Black Widow Fandango gift card, a TimesUp pin to keep your head up and stay strong, and a Blu Ray "Under The Skin" DVD as a surprise add-on! Please check your DMs so I know if you'll be able to use the gift card!

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